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Very large prospector style bell tent 100% cotton 5M

Very large prospector style bell tent 100% cotton 5M

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100% cotton bell prospector tent with center pole and ceiling hole for stove pipe mosquito nets large zippers (All SBS) high quality. Double Doors for different configurations (Ex: Entrance by a door seen from the landscape by the other)

Great for Hunting/Glamping Camping. Excellent quality.

-Double doors, ideal for many types of installations.

-Double holes to use a stove up or side.

-All Zipper are high quality (SBS Brand)

- Perfect for Camping/Glamping, Hunting, House Extension.

-5 Meters in Diameter Excellent for 8 People Standing 12 Lying Down.

-Can accommodate 3 Queen beds or 1 King bed + 1 single bed.

- 3 meters high central pole with hook to hang the light.

- Very resistant 295g cotton canvas with PU coating, Anti UV for the tent and 590g PVC for the floor covering.


-PVC 590 ground cover (very resistant).

-4 Windows around equipped with mosquito nets.

-4 air vents (with mosquito nets) on the top for no humidity, they stand up by themselves thanks to the small rolled cottons which automatically return to their original form.

-Quick pull systems all around for quick and hassle-free installation.

-Very easy and fast assembly and disassembly (20 minutes / each)

-The side wall can be rolled up to allow air to get inside all around the tent.

Everything comes in a carry bag for convenience.


100% cotton


Free in Canada


5 meters in diameter


Clean with brush. Store dry and dry!.
Never store the tent wet.

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  • tente prospecteur glamping avec anneau de fixation


    285gsm cotton is lightweight and breathable.

    The humidity comes out through the 4 vents of the roof, which offers you incomparable comfort.

    When you add a stove, you maintain negative pressure which keeps the heat inside.

  • tente cloche avec jacuzzi


    A special PU coating makes the canvas waterproof.

    Since it's cotton, you'll have to wait for the first rain for it to stretch a bit to be fully waterproof.

  • tentes avec westfalia


    As it is cotton, it will take longer to dry than PVC, but it is definitely more comfortable and resistant.

  • tente 40celsius drone


    All tents are natural color with UV protection.

  • vue tente coton  nuit avec lumiére DEL


    Thanks to the PU coating, all tents are protected against mold.

    But be careful under the trees (the warranty does not cover the point because of the trees).

  • Tente avec poêle 40celsius


    All our tents can be equipped with a stove.

    We have a hole in the ceiling as well as on the side with very good rain insulation ready for use.

  • aérateur de tente coton


    The 285 gsm cotton is really lighter than the 350 gsm, you can transport the tent with much more ease.

  • Lampe LED camping 40Celsius


    The fixing systems and the shape of our tent are ready for a wind speed of 64 km/h.

  • tente cloche nuit étoilé


    In general, if you take care of your tent by storing it dry, your 40Celsius tent will last for decades...

  • Holes for stoves

    We made 2 holes at the top and on the side to accommodate your wood stove.

Quick Couplers

Our quick-attach system allows installation by 1 person in less than 20 minutes.

The "pull/turn" system is easy as pie.

The clips stay on the strings, you won't lose them.

Zipper SBS

All the zippers of our tents are high quality SKS zippers, you can rest easy.


Integrated ring

Our poles are equipped with a ring to accommodate our light system with a minimum of manipulation.

Lampe LED camping 40Celsius

LED lights

As an option, we offer magnificent LED lamps that will create a magical atmosphere around or inside the tent. We equipped them with super powerful battery for up to 26h operation time

Why choose a 40Celsius tent


Tent camping is a great outdoor activity that lets you explore nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors. However, for many campers, pitching a tent can be a daunting task. To get the most out of your camping experience, it's important to prioritize easy tent setup so you have a comfortable place to sleep after dark. When you are efficient in pitching your tent, you have more time to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature during your camping trip. A properly pitched tent keeps you dry and warm all night long. It is therefore very useful to quickly set up a quality tent.


When buying a tent for camping, it is essential to ensure the quality of the product. A tent should be waterproof, as well as UV and moisture treated to provide safe protection from the outdoor elements. Tent quality is paramount when trying to stay warm, dry and comfortable on a camping expedition; any sign of poor workmanship, such as broken zippers or flimsy stitching, can lead to an unpleasant experience in the wild. Investing in an excellent quality tent will ensure you have a stress-free outdoor getaway, without having to worry about water seeping into your shelter or ultraviolet rays damaging it instantly. Confidence in the quality of your tent is essential!


The tent is an important piece of camping equipment and easy maintenance is essential for its longevity and protection. By taking simple steps to care for your tent after each use, you'll ensure it stays warm, dry and clean over time. After each camping trip, be sure to wash your tent in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent, then hang it to air dry completely. Don't forget to brush off the dirt before wetting it! Also be sure to regularly check all zippers and seams as they are most susceptible to damage if not maintained. By taking care of your tent, you'll avoid unnecessary repairs and extend its life, so you can enjoy it on your next camping trips.

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