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Portable BULB LED garland 8 meters - 40 bulbs

Portable BULB LED garland 8 meters - 40 bulbs

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    This beautiful 8 meter LED light bulb garland (40 bulbs)

    This garland offers adjustable brightness and reduced energy consumption, making it a great solution for your durable and economical outdoor decoration.

    Our Portable LED BULB String 8 meters - 40 bulbs offers high brightness and maximum weather protection thanks to the IP64 waterproof design. Our LED lighting saves energy and can adapt to any outdoor environment.

    Can be used in many different ways. For example, this LED string light can be used to create a festive atmosphere or decorations inside your tents. It is designed with long lines and rounded shapes to facilitate assembly and disassembly.

    Works with 3 AA batteries, it can light up to 10 days.

    It will add a touch of warmth to your 40celsius tent.

    It can also be used in gardens or above outdoor tables.

    Perfect as a portable mood light




    Free in Canada


    Garland: 8 Meters Bulb: 73mm Total 40 Bulbs



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