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Long-lasting rechargeable OBUS LED lamp with handle

Long-lasting rechargeable OBUS LED lamp with handle

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    Solar LED Tube Light

    The Long Lasting Solar and USB-C Rechargeable LED TUBE Light is equipped with a powerful battery that provides long and consistent runtime. Its ergonomic plastic handle and state-of-the-art LED technology provide easy handling and efficient brightness. The lamp TUBE DEL is built to last.

    The lamp Long-lasting Solar and USB-C LED TUBE with handle is an innovative lighting solution. Thanks to its remote control, you can adjust its intensity and operating time according to your needs. Enjoy long-lasting and safe lighting in any situation.

    Superb mood lamp in the shape of a Long-lasting battery-powered LED TUBE will follow you everywhere!

    Built strong for long life!

    We have equipped it with a magnetic induction charging connector so that it can be connected very easily for charging.

    Easy to carry thanks to its extra soft handle, it will play an important role during your evenings by the fire / your bedroom / your 40Celsius tent.... You will quickly take it wherever you go.


    Dimensions L17*W17*H20CM
    Lamp LED (Manufacturer Samsung)
    Power 3000k (Warm White) + RGB
    Battery Lithium Ion 800mah
    Loading time 2-4 hrs
    Loading Solar + USB-C (1.5m cable included)
    box size L17*W17*H20 CM
    Brightness 8 color LEDs + 8 WHITE LEDs
    Operating time 10-24 hrs

    Solar LED light details




    Free in Canada




    Easy to maintain clean with a sponge and a cloth. Do not immerse

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