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Large Glazed High Efficiency Wood Stove

Large Glazed High Efficiency Wood Stove

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A superb wood-burning fireplace for your outings in nature.

The PAPA version of our mini stove with windows on the sides to be able to admire the dance of the flames.

To be used in our tents or alone.

Accepts 16 inch logs.

Manufactured with solid riveted carbon steel, the Large Glazed High Efficiency Wood Stove is equipped with a double window venting system offering exceptional combustion performance and a significant reduction in smoke emissions.

Materials: T1mm carbon steel body.

Grid: SUS 201
Surface: Heat resistant coated
Size: L460*W280*H231mm
No. Weight: 6.2 kg
Included :

  • 1 main body
  • 2 cooking grids
  • 7 chimney tubes


Free shipping to USA/Canada.

Mounts easily with the high temperature silicone adapter (Flashkit sold separately) for Bell 40Celsius tents.



Riveted Carbon Steel


Free in Canada




Wash in clear water

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