Pourquoi des tentes en coton ?

Why cotton tents?

Why cotton tents are better than others?

Cotton tents are generally better than other types of tents because they are more durable. They also offer greater resistance to tearing and abrasion.

However, there are other materials available... so why cotton?

The first thing to understand is that cotton is naturally insulating. Therefore, cotton canvas will keep your tent warm in winter. It also has high air permeability. This means cool air can circulate freely inside the tent, keeping it breathable and preventing condensation.

Nylon as well as polyester are the most common materials used in camping tents. He is strong and light. This makes it a great choice for minimalist campers. The disadvantage of nylon is that it tends to expand when wet and breathes very little, therefore creating condensation.

The condensation of the nylon tent without the possibility of evacuation will cause the tent to be filled with humidity and become very cold during the night, which will create discomfort and poor sleep. A cotton tent will weigh more but will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cotton tents can be easily and naturally cleaned in the sun or with a mixture of white vinegar diluted with salt and lemon.


The comfort of cotton tents is incomparable with more modern materials.

although the weight is more important, the luxury of sleeping well in the great outdoors against a little elbow grease is priceless.

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